About Us

Our companies start back in early 2000 in Asajaya, Sarawak. We begin with trading agriculture crops such as coconut, banana, sugar cane and palm sugar. These are done by Syarikat Mustama Jaya. As time goes by we started venture into other sectors. At first we start a food  manufacturing company, Mustama Agro & Trading Co. Then, we involve in construction and started to manufacture machines under Mustama Engineering and Works.

Syarikat Mustama Jaya
  • Supplying coconut (matured and young), sugar cane and palm sugar.
Mustama Agro & Trading Co
  • Producing coconut milk (santan), coconut paste (kerisik), vrigin coconut oil (minyak kelapa dara) and coconut jelly (jeli kelapa). These products carry under the brand Palma.

Contact Us

Plot 5/GF/D Kedai MARA Kota Samarahan
Jalan Dato' Mohd Musa
Kota Samarahan

More Information

Location direction: Find Kota Samarahan Post Office or Pasar Tani area. Ask anyone in that area 'coconut shop'.